Once a spark has appeared, if the conditions are right (the path is open) it will grow and expand into the flames of a fire.

Fire exudes strength. It is in constant movement and transforms everything it touches. It transforms ore into metals. It can destroy the forest, leaving only charred remains in its wake. But it also converts otherwise indigestible foods into edible delicacies.

Fire is also a powerful tool to help us transform and release the past.

This energy of nature includes the literal fire and flames, but also encompasses the “fire” or movement in all living things. Just as the flames of a fire are in constant motion, so is this energy. It doesn’t yet have a direction or a destination, it is simply movement. 

The archetype associated with this energy is the guardian, sentinel or warrior, who can slice through danger or open a path with his sword. He guards the flame that rose from the spark, ensuring its continual movement.

This Orixá is called Ogum in the afro-Brazilian tradition and Ogun in Cuba.