The element of earth represents the domain of physical form – where light is tightly bound into matter and everything manifests according to the laws of physics and nature.

Here we learn the cycles of cause and effect, life and death. We bring our dreams into the world and watch them evolve. We put our relationships to the test. We face challenges, experience suffering, seek answers, and develop compassion for others.

We work with the element of Earth when seeking to manifest things in our lives or to help shift our current reality. We work with the healing herbs and medicines of the earth to return to balance and health. Ewassa’s new moon despacho ceremonies engage nature and the element of Earth to help us give thanks to the Great Mother for what has appeared in our lives and focus our prayers for what is to come.

The four different energies of earth that we work with are:

  • Transformation. The first energy of earth is where we witness ideas and concepts transition into physical form, and experience the continual cycles of life, growth and death.
  • Seeking. Once manifest, life follows its own course. Here we see every form of life seek to fulfill its purpose or mission – embarking on adventures, learning and growing.
  • Healing. In the process of seeking and adventuring we hit walls, stumble and fall, get knocked out of balance. This energy of healing within earth helps us regain balance and harmony.
  • Compassion. As we heal from wounds and open our hearts, we develop compassion for others and a deeper understanding of the challenges and beauty of life on earth.

Would you like to experience the healing energy of the element of earth? Join us for a new moon despacho ceremony.