The element of Earth represents the domain of physical form – where light is tightly bound into matter and everything manifests according to the laws of physics and nature.

Here we learn the cycles of cause and effect, growth and change, life and death. We bring our dreams into the world and watch them evolve. We put our relationships to the test, face challenges, experience suffering, seek answers, and develop compassion for others.

Rebalancing your relationship to the element of Earth is particularly helpful when struggling with challenges related to grief and loss, career, health, finances, and any other aspect of your physical reality.

At Ewassa we work with the element of Earth through various types of cleansing with herbs or plants, offerings, nature art, forest immersion, and despacho ceremonies. All of these approaches engage nature and the element of Earth, helping release old patterns, shift attention to the positive things in our lives, cleanse our energy fields, and reorganize or rebalance our relationship to the physical world.

On a spiritual and energetic level we work with four specific qualities of Earth:

  • Transformation. The first energy of Earth is where ideas, concepts and all of life transitions into and out of physical form, and we can witness the cycles of life, growth, death, decomposition, and regeneration that supports new life forms.
  • Action. This is the energy where life thrives, and myriad forms of plants and animal life explore their instincts, desires and aspirations as an interdependent web of creation. This is a realm of adventure, challenge, triumph and defeat, where all of life learns and grows together. Forests and other flourishing ecosystems embody this energy.
  • Healing. In the process of exploring we hit walls, stumble and fall, get knocked out of balance. The energy of healing found in the medicinal plants helps regain balance and harmony on every level– body, mind and soul.
  • Compassion. As we heal from wounds, we naturally develop compassion for others experiencing similar challenges. This deepens our connections with the world around us and can accentuate an appreciation of life’s depth and beauty. 

Would you like to experience the healing energy of the element of Earth? Contact us to organize a despacho ceremony, energetic rebalancing, earth appreciation ceremony, or simply join us in the Ewassa forest for upcoming events.