Water corresponds to the domain of our emotions. They emerge like the source of the tiny stream who gently pushes out of the earth or headwaters that burst forth with potency. Our feelings can then flow freely like the river, or if we suppress them they might fester in a stagnant pond. Eventually they find their way to the ocean, a vast and profound space where they churn in the depths and are eventually reborn.

Within the element of Water we learn about forgiveness, loving tenderness, creative rebirth, and acceptance.  As water rises into mist and evaporates, the lessons we’ve learned integrate into our understanding of life. The heavy feelings return to the earth to be absorbed and transformed.

The various aspects of Water help purify our hearts and cleanse our emotions. Forgiveness allows us to let go of pain, resentment and the hurt feelings that cause harm if kept bottled up. Releasing blockages helps positive emotions flow naturally, like the sweet waters of the river. Rituals for emotional cleansing in the river, waterfall and ocean are powerfully transformative– they can refresh our emotional well and purify our energy field.

  • Forgiveness. This is the energy of the rain or the soft spring that begins to soften the hard, dry, earth, and open the heart. Consciously choosing to forgive is a powerful act that helps release old patterns and welcome more love into your life.
  • Love. As the stream gathers strength it becomes a strong, flowing river with magnificent waterfalls. The quality of loving tenderness and beauty here is strong and powerful–life  flourishes when the sweet waters of love are present.
  • Rebirth. The river then flows to the sea, where the waters and everything they swept up in their path churn together to create something new. The fertile salty waters of the ocean give way to new life, in a process of rebirth and emotional creation.
  • Acceptance. As we internalize the wisdom of our journey through Water, the denser parts of our experience return to the earth while the gems of understanding lift into our consciousness. We stop resisting what has happened, choosing instead to accept what life has placed before us and release the painful aspects of our experience. The waters thus complete their cycle by evaporating into the Air through the mist.

Would you like to experience emotional healing while working with the energies of Water? Contact us to schedule a one-on-one energy medicine session, private water ceremony, or join us for a ritual of release at the river.