Air corresponds to the realm of consciousness. It encompasses our thoughts, prayers, and way of understanding ourselves, life and the world around us. The most subtle of all four elements, air is essential to life yet difficult to grasp.

It is within the domain of air that we expand our perception and begin to see our lives and purpose more clearly. It is where we reconcile our relationship to time, the unstoppable force that binds all of creation into a common path of shared linear reality. Yet within air we can also transcend time by stepping into the flow of Spirit, where all is one – and past, present and future become simultaneously accessible and ephemeral.

The four qualities of Air we work closely with are:

  • Expansion. The wind blows gently as the first quality of air, coaxing us to expand in one direction or another. If we don’t listen, her strong winds will strip away everything until all we have left is our core and we’re forced into new consciousness.
  • Time. This powerful force keeps us aligned with all of creation, moving forward in tandem through the non-negotiable cycles of life, death and rebirth.
  • Beyond Time. In stillness we can step into a space beyond time, where past, present and future are no longer linear. This is the realm of shamans, diviners, mystics and seers.
  • Illumination. Beyond the realm beyond time we can experience illumination – a sense of the Divine, the magnificent Creator known by countless names, an energy of pure light and love. It is here that we complete the cycle of life and are elevated to a higher level of consciousness.

The cycle of life itself never truly stops. Instead it begins anew like an ascending spiral – continual upward movement toward a higher place of consciousness. Thus after Illumination we move again to the Spark, where the force of Fire continues to propel life forward. Ever changing, learning, growing and evolving.

Would you like to experience the healing energy of the four elements? Join us for ceremonies in nature or attend our four elements workshop series.