Shamanic journeying is a beautiful way to receive guidance from Spirit about your life. It is a methodology for entering non-ordinary reality where you can connect with your own deep inner wisdom and experience new ways of knowing.

Journeying gently leads you to a place of alignment with Spirit where your perception expands and you can access insights from your personal past and higher future, or tap into the collective wisdom and experience of humanity.

Shamanic journeys transport us to domains where it becomes easier to communicate with angels, guides and ancestors. Or travel into the past to access hidden memories. Journeys can be done for emotional healing, expansion of consciousness or even to support energetic and physical healing. Once you learn to journey and become familiar with the maps and pathways that lead to different domains and have met key gatekeepers and guides, all you need to journey on your own is a clear intention and a rattle or drum.

Interested in trying it out? Here is a journey to help you shed imprints or emotions from your past. Simply create a sacred space to sit in, breathe deeply, close your eyes and let the recording guide you.

If you’d like help preparing for the journey above and then processing your experience, please follow this link for more orientation.

Here is another shamanic journey to meet a spirit animal who can guide you through this next phase of your life. Enjoy!

Our Shamanic Journeying Courses

At Ewassa we offer shamanic journeying workshops both in-person and online, to help you gain insight and guidance for personal healing and life direction. In addition to our live shamanic journeying workshops held in-person during the warmer months of the year, we also have on-demand journeying workshops so you can journey in the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world, in your own time. Check out upcoming shamanic journeys at Ewassa or explore the on-demand courses below.

Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing

Heal deep soul wounds, imprints and patterns to live your life more freely and fully. This pre-recorded on-demand series of seven shamanic journeys will guide you in rewriting limiting patterns, shedding old stories and offer gifts to guide you in shifting your life. The journeys included in this series include:

  1. Journey to shed your past (sample journey!)
  2. Journey for guidance from a soul healer
  3. Journey to change a soul contract
  4. Journey to a past life
  5. Journey to heal family karmas
  6. Journey to encounter death
  7. Journey into the earth

Shamanic Journeys for Vision and Purpose

This second series of on-demand journeys connects you to the upper realms of Spirit where you can meet your guides and angels, envision a positive future for yourself, and better understand the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the world. You’ll receive guidance around how to bring these qualities forth more fully to live a soulful and fulfilling life. The journeys included in this series are:

  1. Journey to meet your spirit animal (sample journey!)
  2. Journey to meet your celestial guides
  3. Journey to experience your true essence
  4. Journey to the cave of treasures
  5. Journey to glimpse the future you
  6. Journey to the council of the moon to receive your gift
  7. Journey to embrace your highest destiny