Shamanic energy medicine offers a path of rapid and meaningful transformation and healing. It can help you release old patterns and emotional imprints that weigh you down, and bring your body and mind into balance. It can also support you in bringing greater meaning into your life.

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The shamanic services we offer include:

  • Releasing emotional imprints from past traumas, loss, abandonment, depression, anxiety, etc, so that you can shift old patterns and step into a new way of being
  • Removing dense energies that interrupt the flow of life force energy throughout your body and can lead to illness
  • Healing family wounds and generational patterns
  • Relationship cord-cutting to eliminate unhealthy relationship ties that drain your energy
  • Entity extraction to remove intrusive souls and help them transition to the light
  • Soul retrieval to help integrate lost parts of self and move toward wholeness
  • Destiny retrieval to map a new path forward in life where you know and use your unique gifts for the greater good and live in harmony with your deepest calling

We work at the level of the luminous energy field and the soul, following the medicine wheel. The shamanic energy medicine technique removes energetic and emotional imprints and disturbances, and replaces them with high vibration light and expanded levels of perception. This in turn affects the body, mind and spirit. Because the luminous energy field exists in a plane beyond the physical world, sessions can be held both in person and remotely.

Please note that we are only taking a limited number of new clients right now, but can also provide referrals to other energy medicine practitioners if needed.

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“Liz is one of the best shamans I have worked with and I really recommend her as a highly skilled healer. The way she works is very intuitive, full of wisdom and love.”

– Michael B.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions


Virtual Sessions. For a virtual shamanic energy medicine session we will connect by phone or WhatsApp for the duration of the work, while bringing your energy field into sacred space. Please plan to be in a quiet and relaxing location during the shamanic work. We recommend planning at least 2 hours for the session, and taking some time to center and focus your intention beforehand. Exchange: $200

In-Person Sessions. In-person shamanic energy medicine sessions are held in our tipi in the forest in Evergreen during the warmer months, typically between May and October. You are welcome to also come early to relax at outdoor meditation spaces in the forest either before or after your session. Please plan between 2 and 2.5 hours for your in-person appointment. Exchange: $250

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“Liz is fully present and possesses great clarity. She cut cords for me releasing old attachments. My sessions with her have been cleansing and have lightened my spirit. She is a great healer and shaman.” – Heather W.


  • Payment can be made via PayPal to @ewassa ( or Venmo to @Elizabeth-Gomez-238 or online with a credit card. Payment is requested prior to the start of all virtual sessions. You may pay by cash or check at the close of an in-person energy medicine session.
  • If you need to cancel, please be sure to notify Liz via text message or a phone call a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your session.

“Thank you. I feel amazingly clear and light down to my toes. I feel lighter and young. I was really weighted down by what you took out. So thank you thank you. You are an amazingly very special and very gifted doctor – a powerful healer from ancient times past. I feel humbly grateful for you.”

– Barbara N.

Disclaimer. Shamanic energy medicine is a powerful methodology for people who are committed to their long-term healing and transformation. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure acute or serious health conditions. Please refer to your physician for all health-related concerns.

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