We offer a variety of outdoor workshops and events in Spring, Summer and Fall. These include full moon fire ceremonies, earth honoring ceremonies, and emotional release rituals at the river. We also offer shamanic journeying workshops throughout the year.

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Shamanic Journeying Workshop Series

Join us for a monthly journey into the domains of non-ordinary reality, where you can access deep wisdom and guidance from your higher self, guides and ascended ancestors.

Each month we will journey into a different realm and with a different intention. You will be led through a process of deepening and relaxation and then guided throughout the journey. Please bring a journal to record the wisdom you receive.

Workshops will be held at Namaste Healing & Wellness Center in Evergreen from January through May of 2020. In June the workshops will continue at Ewassa’s forest tipi.

  • Journey 1: Journey to discover a soul contract that needs to be rewritten so that you can step fully into your life’s destiny. Thursday January 16, 7-9pm Register Now
  • Journey 2: Meet the power animal who is ready to guide you in the next phase of your life. Receive additional guidance and gifts from Spirit for your path. Thursday Feb 20, 7-9pm Register Here
  • Journey 3: Discover a past life that needs to be seen and cleared so that you can live your life more freely and fully. Thursday March 12, 7-9pm Register Here
  • Journey 4: Meet one of your ascended ancestors who will guide you to see family karmas that need releasing and reveal family gifts and strengths. To Be Rescheduled – Stay Tuned
  • Journey 5: Converse with your celestial parents in the Upper World, and receive guidance around your soul’s journey and unfolding. To Be Rescheduled – Stay Tuned

Cost: $40 per workshop. 

Please note that the following workshops may also be rescheduled due to COVID-19. We are waiting to see how the situation develops. Please check back in late May or early June. 


Full Moon Fire Ceremony – June 6, 7-9pm

Join us on the full strawberry moon for a fire ceremony to release what has been weighing on you and energize what you’d like to replace it with. This ceremony will be held in a tipi in the forest where we can appreciate the light and energy of the full moon. Cost: $25. Learn More and Register Here.


Summer Solstice Celebration – June 20, 2-5pm

Celebrate the summer solstice in an outdoor ceremony to honor the warmth and light of the sun at its peak. We will begin with a quiet meditation to reflect on our personal and collective well-being, and hone our intentions for the rest of the year. We’ll create a mandala with flowers and herbs, share prayers or songs, and drum/rattle together as we celebrate. This is a time to give thanks and affirm our personal and collective vision and clarity. Cost: $25. Learn More & Register Here


Healing with the Four Elements – June 28, 10am – 4:30pm

Join us in the forest for an introduction to the energies of the Four Elements. Explore the spiritual qualities and archetypes associated with Fire, Earth, Water and Air, learn how they influence our lives and experience ways to work with them for healing. Cost: $75. Learn More & Register Here


New Moon Ceremony – July 19, 3-5pm

Join us for a despacho ceremony on the new moon to create artful nature mandalas that reflect what you’d like to manifest in your life. Working with seeds, flowers, herbs, and other natural items, we’ll build physical representations of our prayers and intentions for the future and our thanks for the past and present, and then plant them in the earth. Cost: $25. Learn More and Register Here.


Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Sept 2, 7-9pm

Release what no longer serves you into the fire and create space to manifest what you desire. This ceremony will be held in a tipi in the forest where we can appreciate the light and energy of the full moon. Cost: $25. Learn More and Register Here.


Emotional Release at the River – Sept 5, 9-10:30am

Start off your long weekend with a sweet ritual at the river to cleanse and release emotions that might be weighing you down. After gathering in a group at 9am and opening sacred space together, we’ll walk to a quiet spot near the river. There you’ll have a chance to release what you’re ready to let go of in your own time and space, and then give thanks and enjoy the blessings of the river. Free event. Learn More and Register Here.


Four Elements Workshop Series

Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through a workshop series that includes simple ritual, guided meditation, work with powerful archetypes and teachings based on a rich spiritual tradition from Brazil. Delving deeply into the four elements will help you understand the rich and profound language of nature, and access the wisdom that surrounds us in the natural world. This workshop series will be made available online in 2020. Sign up to receive an email notification when the four elements series is released.

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