Online Shamanic Journeying Classes

Join us for a series of shamanic journeys into the domains of non-ordinary reality, where you can access deep wisdom and guidance from your higher self, guides and ascended ancestors.

Every two weeks from May 3 through August 9 we will explore a different realm with a different intention. You will be led through a process of deepening and relaxation and then guided through the journey. After making notes of what you experienced, you will have the opportunity to address questions that arose or share your experience in a small group. 

All journeys will be held online via Zoom, beginning at 4pm Mountain Time and wrapping up by 5:30pm. The cost per journey is $20Participants can access a private Facebook Group for continued discussion and exchanges with the facilitator and other participants, to help process the messages that come to you. You will also receive a recording of the journey in case you’d like to repeat it at a later time.

Journeying Schedule:

Journey to Clear Family Karmas | Sunday May 3. Meet one of your ascended ancestors to help you see family karmas that need releasing and reveal family gifts and strengths. Register now.

Journey to the Upper World | Sunday May 17. Converse with your celestial parents in the Upper World and receive gifts and guidance around your soul’s journey and unfolding. Register now.

Journey for Soul Healing | Sunday May 31. Experience healing in a soul rejuvenation chamber where you can see and release soul wounds with the help of angels and guides. Register now.

Journey to Encounter Death | Sunday June 14. Journey to explore your associations with death, and gain insight into your life’s journey to date. Receive guidance around the next steps in your life. Register now

Journey into the Earth | Sunday June 28. Travel into the earth and meet an archetype or soul who can offer guidance and direction for you in the coming days. Register now.

Journey to a Past Life | Sunday July 12. Discover a past life that needs to be seen and cleared so that you can live more freely and fully. Register now.

Journey to the Cave of Relics | Sunday July 26. Journey to a cave of ancient relics and symbols and explore what is needed to guide you forward. Register now.

Journey to the Council of the Moon | Sunday August 9. Sit by the fire with the Council of the Moon to understand the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the world. Register now.



Four Elements Workshop Series

Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through a workshop series that includes simple ritual, guided meditation and journeys, work with powerful archetypes and teachings based on a rich spiritual tradition from Brazil. Delving deeply into the four elements will help you understand the rich and profound language of nature, and access the wisdom that surrounds us in the natural world. This workshop series will be made available online later in 2020. Sign up to receive an email notification when the Four Elements series is released.

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