We are now offering three-day vision quest retreats on 55 acres of mountain land in Evergreen, Colorado. The retreat begins at Ewassa, a 15-acre private property adjacent to a quiet 40-acre Denver Mountain Park, with an opening ceremony for all participants to release, ground and set clear intentions for their vision quest.


Throughout the weekend you will be alone in nature with the elements, with the exception of the opening and closing ceremonies, a guided evening shamanic journey, and an optional morning meetup to share breakfast together. You will sleep under the stars and spend most of your time in quiet contemplation. The outdoor tipi may be used for the group gatherings and in case of rain.


The vision quest retreats are intended for small groups of participants who will spend most of their time spread out across 55 acres of quiet mountain forest. We have designated weekends for small groups that you are welcome to join, or you can gather a small group of friends together to schedule a private vision quest retreat (please contact Liz for details).


See our upcoming vision quest dates, learn more about the vision quest retreat schedule and register through the button below. We also invite you to explore other events at thrive.ewassa.com.