We offer private vision quest retreats on 55 acres of mountain land in Evergreen, Colorado. The retreats are held at Ewassa, on a 15-acre private property adjacent to a quiet 40-acre mountain park. 


Throughout the retreat you’ll be in immersed in nature. You can sleep under the stars or in a tipi and spend most of your time in quiet contemplation. The vision quest is gently guided to help facilitate opening to Spirit and receiving the clarity you seek. We support you in the following ways:

  • Opening ceremony to help you release, ground and set clear intentions for your vision quest
  • Guided visit of property and mountain park to understand which areas are available during your retreat
  • A shamanic journey each evening, to open to your deep inner guidance and connect with your guides for clarity and support
  • Recommended exercises you can do throughout the retreat to promote relaxation, connection and interpretation of messages observed in the nature around you
  • Small and simple organic morning and evening meals comprised of vegetables, fruit, nuts and simple proteins
  • Closing ceremony to integrate your experience and prepare you to return to your daily life.


When Is a Good Time For a Vision Quest?

A vision quest is an excellent way to mark a key milestone (birthday, anniversary, major life change) and gain clarity on the new phase of life you’re entering. It will help you get a clearer sense of the path ahead and how you can best bring your gifts forward and embrace your life’s purpose. We offer vision quests in the warmer months of the year, from June through the end of October. 


Vision Quest Pricing

The vision quest retreats are intended for small groups of participants. You can gather your group together and then contact Liz to schedule your weekend and customize your experience based on the needs or focus of your group.

  • For groups of 3-6 participants, the cost per participant is $395.
  • For a vision quest retreat of 2 participants the cost is $500 per person
  • For a solo vision quest the cost is $1,000 

Because the minimum cost for a vision quest weekend is $1,000 we recommend finding some friends or family who would like to join you during this special retreat weekend! For more information regarding what to expect and how to prepare, click the button below.