Fire is the first of the four elements or fundamental organizing principles that are woven together in myriad ways to form all of creation. Each element has associated energies and archetypes, which flow into one another as a continuum, creating the cycle of life.

We work with the four elements in our events and workshops at Ewassa, with the goal of bringing consciousness to and finding balance in our relationship with each element. When we live in harmony with the elements, life flows effortlessly. Our psyche is balanced, our body remains healthy and we stay anchored in our purpose here on earth.

FIRE represents the force that propels us forward through life. It encompasses our passions, our creativity, our deepest purpose – and the various influences that motivate us. Held within the energy of fire is sexuality, movement, the capacity to create, and the energy that helps thing take form.

Fire is also a powerful tool to help us transform and release the past, creating space for what is to come. We hold full moon fire ceremonies throughout the year to help participants let go of what no longer serves them, and energize the creative spark of what is to come.

We work with four different energies within fire:

  • The Spark. The spark appears out of the darkness, where infinite possibilities are held. It holds the light of creativity of what can become form if conditions are right.
  • Movement. The spark gives way to fire, which is in constant motion. It doesn’t yet have a direction or destination, it is simply movement.
  • Focus. The movement contained in the fire begins to shift and find a purposeful direction, beginning the creative process of differentiation.
  • Crystallization. This energy represents the crystallization of the creative fire – a clear idea of what is to be – that will soon take on form or be birthed into the physical world.

Would you like to experience the healing energy of fire? Join us for a full moon fire ceremony.