The first core energy in the element of fire is the spark. It represents the initial inspiration or idea, the glimpse of possibilities. It is also the spark of creation – the point of origination where creativity and life begins.

This energy of nature holds within it tremendous potential, as if all the potential of the universe is contained within. As a consequence it is the most dense of all of the Orixás or energies of nature. This fleeting light of possibility begins the entire cycle of life. A creative energy of what can one day be, a sexual energy that can lead to procreation, or the possibility contained in a seed that under the right conditions can germinate.

This is the energy of creativity and new beginnings. The archetypes associated with the spark have masculine and feminine forms. 

The masculine form is the trickster, who manifests in different ways. He disrupts what currently exists to shake things up and send energy in new direction. He closes the path to certain outcomes. He stands at the crossroads and lets only the worthy seeker pass through. He often sends us to the path that we’ll learn the most from, not the one that will be the easiest for us. His way often represents a trial by fire from which we emerge completely transformed.

In the feminine form the archetype is a sensual woman with abundant sexual energy who seeks to create – and bring new life into being. She is the passionate lover who feels intense desire, lighting a fire that can lead to creativity in new directions.

Working with these energies help spark passion and creativity, and this energy of fire is often invoked before starting a new endeavor.

In the afro-Brazilian tradition this Orixá is called Elegbara, in the afro-Cuban it is Eleggua.