Once the movement of fire has a clear purpose and focus, it begins a process of crystallization. The idea or concept is now clear, and holds the blueprint for what will be. This is the step just before it is birthed into the world or takes on a physical form.

In the process of creation this is the form of the baby just before it is birthed into the world. If an idea, it is the polished version of the idea. If a relationship, it is the phase in which two people have decided that they want to be together and how. The next step will be bringing it into form within the element of earth.

The rocks and stones found in nature represent the solidified energy of the element of fire.

This energy of nature also contains within it the values of justice and balance, and is referred to as Xangô or Changó. The archetype associated with this energy is the just King who rules his kingdom fairly, yet with a tremendous amount of strength and integrity. He doesn’t hesitate to strike it down if something is unjust or unready.

The process of manifesting a concept into physical form can be delicate. If it is fair, balanced and solid it will move into the element of earth. If not, it may struggle to take form. Xangô helps determine if and how it will become a physical reality.