Explore your inner landscape of thoughts, motivations, emotions, wounds and wisdom through the language of the natural world. Reconnect deeply with nature, and learn to better understand your own true nature and the elemental forces as they move within you.

As you discover the layers of meaning held in the trees, stones, fire, rivers, ocean, winds, and more, you develop an awareness of those essences and all they represent at a spiritual, psychological and energetic level. Those that are out of balance can be restored through insight, intention, and nature-based rituals for healing.

For example rain calls us to forgiveness, softening the hard earth and preparing it for renewed fertility. The flames of the fire bring movement and the capacity to quickly burn away old and heavy energies, opening the way for something new. Stone stands with strength, balance and justice, teaching how to let difficulties roll off us without penetrating to our core. The ocean offers emotional cleansing and rebirth. We can work directly with each of these energies for personal healing and transformation.

Nature-Based Healing Course

Learn to interpret the wisdom of the natural world, deepen your connection to the elemental forces of life, and embark on a path of personal healing in our upcoming 18-week course. Together we will walk through the cycle of life, moving from the combustive qualities of FIRE to the grounding realities of EARTH, and then cleanse our deepest emotions with WATER, and attain new levels of insight and consciousness in the realms of AIR.

The live, virtual course is based on the concepts outlined in the book From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing by Liz Gómez. The course begins on Monday, August 14 and runs through December 11, 2023. It is a journey of self-discovery that involves a commitment to personal healing, nature immersion, and participation in both live and pre-recorded lessons. The estimated time commitment is about 5-6 hours per week. Anyone who loves nature and seeks to deepen their path of personal exploration or healing is warmly welcome to join us.