Orixás (pronounced Or-ee-shas) are energies of nature. They represent the pure energy of specific places found in nature, and correspond to powerful archetypes and values or qualities that influence our lives.

When you go to the beach you feel a very different energy than when you’re walking through a dense forest. When you sit in a wide open plain looking at the horizon you feel expansive, while in a narrow valley you may feel protected or restricted. Similarly, the powerful and transformational energy of the fire is vastly different from the calming and nourishing energy of the river.

At Ewassa some of our work involves understanding the subtle energies of sixteen different Orixás – four in Fire, four in Earth, four in Water and four in Air. These Orixás form a spiral-like progression from the densest quality of fire to the lightest quality of air, following a continually upward evolutionary movement that weaves in and out of our lives, projects and relationships.

Understanding these qualities of nature and the corresponding archetypes provides us with rich language and imagery that help us connect more deeply with the healing power of nature.

As we learn the language of nature through the Orixás, we begin to see metaphors for life each time we walk in the forest. When we spend time in nature we start to receive answers to our questions, develop new levels of perception, and step into a deeper relationship with our own innermost nature.

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