We invite you to start off 2021 with some deep healing or visioning! The ongoing pandemic seems to be encouraging us all to reflect on our lives, heal old wounds, shed our fears and step more fully into our destiny. 

To help support you in this process we are offering three new packages. Our services can be accessed in-person or remotely to accommodate COVID risk comfort levels. The shamanic energy medicine sessions can be done either by phone or in person, and the journeying series are available online to access at your leisure.

Package One – Deep Healing – $495

This package is for people looking to heal deep wounds and shed old energetic imprints. The focus is on letting go of your past, releasing old patterns, clearing your energy field, and lightening your soul. The package includes:

  • Three one-on-one shamanic energy medicine sessions for emotional and energetic clearing
  • An on-demand shamanic journeying series with seven different journeys to help you heal old wounds, clear family karma, and replace old soul contracts with positive and affirming ones

Please reach out to schedule your first session, access the journeying series and arrange for payment.

Package Two – Embrace Your Destiny – $495

This package is intended for people who have already done a lot of internal healing work and are looking for guidance in order to fully step into their destiny. With this package we focus on deepening your connection with Spirit, receiving guidance around how you can best bring your gifts to fruition, and forming a clear picture of your highest destiny to carry you forward. The package includes:

  • A one-on-one shamanic energy medicine session for energetic clearing
  • A soul retrieval from one of our energy medicine practitioners
  • A destiny retrieval from one of our energy medicine practitioners
  • An on-demand shamanic journeying series with seven journeys focused on visioning and guidance

Package Three – Transform Your Life – $950

This final package is a combination of the previous two packages, designed to help you completely transform your life throughout the course of 2021. Following the full cycle of the Sacred Medicine Wheel we will begin our work together by healing old wounds, rewriting harmful soul contracts and clearing your energy field. When you are ready we will move into soul retrievals and a destiny retrieval. Throughout the year you will have access to two on-demand shamanic journeying series (a total of 14 journeys), to more deeply explore your connection with Spirit and receive ongoing guidance in your life. In summary this transformation package includes:

  • Six one-on-one energy medicine sessions with our practitioners including several energy clearing sessions, soul retrieval(s) and a destiny retrieval.
  • Access to total of 14 shamanic journeys. The first series of seven journeys will help with deep healing and the second series of seven journeys will help you access the domains of Spirit and your personal guides to gain clarity around your life’s calling and your destiny. All of the journeys are on-demand through a user-friendly online learning portal.

If you’re interested in this package please reach out to schedule your first session and arrange access to the shamanic journeys. Payment plans are flexible for this option.