Nearly every culture around the world has recognized and honored the presence of spirit guides, angels and/or ancestors – and the role they can play in helping to guide and support us as we face life’s challenges and learn the lessons life offers us.

In the Bible there are multiple stories where an Angel of the Lord appears with an important message. That message nearly always foreshadows events to come or offers valuable insight and guidance. In the Bible and indeed throughout the world these encounters with Spirit are honored and revered.

Spirit Guides

In my shamanic energy medicine work I regularly encounter my clients’ spirit guides who pop in to offer guidance or help with the energetic healing. Sometimes these guides are ancestors of the client, or loved ones who have recently passed on. Other times they appear as angels, full of light and radiance. Many people have a combination of ancestors, loved ones AND angels looking out for them. If there are unresolved issues to address, loved ones (departed parents, spouses, siblings) will come to ask for forgiveness or help facilitate healing in some way.

I never know who from the Spirit realm will appear during a session. Sometimes the client’s guides stay in the background and don’t step forward clearly. When that is the case they are usually waiting until substantial energetic clearing has been done to make their first appearance. Regardless of what happens during any individual session, this work has made it abundantly clear to me that every single one of us walking on the earth has Spirit guides who love and care for us.

Get To Know Your Own Spirit Guides

I believe that forming a relationship with our spirit guides can be beneficial to everyone. And if you are committed to developing a relationship and opening your own channels of communication with your guides, you can do so. If this is something that calls to you, you’re invited to join our upcoming course on February 6, 2022. Learn more about the course!

More On the Realms of Spirit

Sometimes I encounter spirit attachments too – these are souls who are lost or confused or unready to transition fully to the next plane. These souls need encouragement and guidance themselves to help let go of the living, drop their pain or anger or sorrow, and follow the path of their own destiny. Surprisingly often, chronic back pain or digestive issues can sometimes be resolved by simply removing a spirit attachment from someone’s energy field.

The domains of Spirit are just as diverse as the world of the living. There are beautifully brilliant guides of light. There are ancestors who are complex and nuanced and retain much of their personality from when they were living, who are among the strongest advocates for their living descendants. There are stubborn, depressed, obstinate or angry lost souls who cling to the living simply because they’re not yet ready to move on. And there are also dark and dense entities who thrive on our confusion or fear and revel in darkening our light.

If you’d like to learn more about navigating the domains of Spirit or hear a bit of my own story and how I came to do this work, listen to the audio above of a recent talk I gave to a group from Southern Colorado.

And if you’re interested in scheduling an energy medicine session and perhaps getting some guidance from Spirit for yourself, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.