Our soul contains within it the memory of all we have lived. This includes our relationships, joys, accomplishments, traumas and emotional wounds.

During energy medicine sessions with clients I often find imprints of these traumas and emotional wounds embedded within the client’s soul or luminous body. Core themes such as abandonment or betrayal are anchored there and show up in various forms. When an imprint is present the theme and associated emotions can be easily triggered. The imprint may even continue to draw similar experiences into the client’s life so that it can be seen and given a chance to heal and release.

Once we clear the imprint and the associated emotional charge the theme usually stops reappearing. Part of the healing comes from recognizing the source of the original trauma and meeting it with compassion, and part of the healing comes from consciously removing the energetic imprint from the luminous body.

Past Life Traumas

Many of the imprints of trauma relate to a person’s childhood, or to more recent life experiences that they easily recognize. But sometimes I see a powerful energy pulling strongly toward the past. The imprints from the past are often quite heavy and seem to be draining energy from the client. When this sort of thing appears I prefer to lead my client on a journey into the past so that she can actually see the lifetime where the trauma originated. Often she will also see the players in the trauma and recognize someone present in her life today.

We then ask to be shown the soul lessons learned from that lifetime and she is guided to embrace and forgive her self from the past. We ask for guidance to understand how that lifetime has been influencing her current life. Then we work on releasing the emotional wound and clearing it from her energy field.

This can be an incredibly powerful healing process. It reaches deep into the unconscious mind where memories are stored and into the energy body where emotions reside. Seeing how the wound originated brings understanding while comforting the past self brings reconciliation. Ultimately the act of seeing and understanding the trauma strips it of its power. It has been brought into the light and released, and the person can now freely move on with her life.

A Deep West African Wound. Here is as example to illustrate how this healing can work. I recently had a client who was experiencing a lot of pain on her right side and back, just under her ribcage. When I went in to see if there was an imprint of some sort in her luminous body, I found the energy of a long rough iron spear piercing the exact place in her body she was feeling pain. After removing it there was still a heavy energetic pull toward the past, so I led her into a past life journey.

She was shown a lifetime in West Africa when her village was in conflict with a neighboring tribe. They came and destroyed her village. She was a young man and fought hard but was wounded by a warrior from the other tribe – he sent the spear through her body in the spot she was currently feeling pain. This young man survived and wandered for some days before he was captured by the neighboring tribe and sold to slave traders. He was put in chains and crammed along with many others into the hull of a crowded boat. They were often seasick and not allowed to move during the journey, forced to lay in their own vomit and excrement. There were rats in the hull that would come and eat from the young man’s wound. The chains that wrapped his body also chafed against the wound, which soon became infected. He died a miserable death in the boat and his body was thrown overboard.

As she relived this lifetime my client was overwhelmed with suffering and pain. She trembled. She shed many tears. After we moved to the end of the lifetime she was able to wrap this young man in her love and compassion and let him know that he would be okay. When we asked why he was forced to suffer such a horrific experience, she was shown that it was due to a prior life where s(he) had caused great suffering to others. We then worked on clearing the heavy emotions related to the suffering and removing an energetic imprint of binding chains wrapping around her torso. We replaced the chains with an affirmation of freedom. She then felt much lighter and calmer, and her pain completely disappeared. A heavy weight had been lifted.

Past Life Inspiration

Seeing a past life doesn’t always have to be heavy and painful. In fact, it can instead offer inspiration and wisdom because positive memories and attributes from the past live within us too.

Many people who work within the healing professions have powerful memories of being healers or shamans or spiritual leaders in a past life. This memory lives within and they can call on their past wisdom and memories to carry them forward in this life.

So for example if you have been feeling disempowered or insecure and are looking to bring a sense of strength and power into your life, you can journey to a past life where you had much power and used it well. If you want to begin to meditate and bring deeper peace into your life you can ask to be shown a life where you lived at peace. You can then call on the sensations and surroundings and wisdom you perceive during your journey to enrich your life today.

The process of drawing inspiration from a past life can be quite powerful. Seeing the past helps us remember who we are and what we knew, which then makes it easier to reach down and draw from the deep well of wisdom that lives within us.

Journey to a Past Life with Us!

Our current online series Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing includes a past life journey as one of seven total shamanic journeys. The course offers orientation to help you prepare to journey and then process your experience once you’re done with the journey. The beauty of the on-demand series is that you can do as many past life journeys as you would like, uncovering the roots of many of your relationships or patterns today. You’ll find that once you complete the journey and see the origins of a pattern, it tends to lose its power over you.