We are pleased to announce two different shamanic journeying courses, available on demand so that you can journey when and where you’d like! Both series – Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing and Shamanic Journeys for Vision and Purpose – are now available at thrive.ewassa.com.

Each journeying series includes audio recordings of seven different journeys along with orientation to help you prepare for each journey and then process your experience. You’ll find an introduction to journeying and opening sacred space at the start of each series to help you prepare to journey in a way that maximizes your connection with Spirit so that you can receive clear and relevant guidance. The Soul Healing series is designed to help prepare you for the Vision and Purpose series, though you can do either whenever you feel called.

What Is Shamanic Journeying?

If you are new to shamanic journeying, a journey will initially feel similar to a guided meditation. You begin by creating a space of peace and tranquility where you feel connected to the divine. You set your intention for the journey. And then you close your eyes and simply follow the audio prompts of the journey, visualizing the landscapes and scenes unfolding around you.

As you move deeper into a shamanic journey however, a channel of communication with your higher self and/or your guides begins to open. It’s a very subtle process and can take some practice and lots of trust. In this domain of non-ordinary reality your perception stretches and shifts. You may see symbols or hear messages of wisdom. Or you simply know things that your conscious mind wasn’t aware of. Past and future become less linear and more malleable. You sense that it is possible to change your reality. It’s in this place that the magic happens.

Shamanic journeying can sometimes feel like an exercise of the imagination. In a way it is – your imagination creates a bridge to a place where the veil is thin and you can communicate more readily with your soul and your guides. You learn to trust what comes through because it surprises you and resonates deeply. Sound enticing? Journeying is an ancient practice that can help anyone access their own deep inner wisdom. We invite you to try it!

Part 1: Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing

The first series is designed to help you heal deep soul wounds, imprints and patterns to live your life more freely and fully. These journeys will guide you in rewriting old soul contracts, shedding limiting stories and patterns and offer gifts to guide you in shifting your life. The seven shamanic journeys included in this series are:

  1. Journey to shed your past
  2. Journey for guidance from a soul healer
  3. Journey to change a soul contract
  4. Journey to a past life
  5. Journey to heal family karmas
  6. Journey to encounter death
  7. Journey into the earth

Part 2: Shamanic Journeys for Vision and Purpose

This second series of journeys connects you to the upper realms of Spirit where you can meet your guides and angels, envision a positive future for yourself and better understand the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the world. You’ll receive guidance around how to bring these qualities forth more fully to live a soulful and fulfilling life.

  1. Journey to discover your power animal
  2. Journey to meet your celestial guides
  3. Journey to experience your true essence
  4. Journey to the cave of treasures
  5. Journey to glimpse the future you
  6. Journey to the Council of the Moon
  7. Journey to embrace your highest destiny

Shamanic Journeying Workshop in Evergreen

Not ready to journey solo yet? Join us at our tipi in Evergreen for a one-day workshop on Sunday, September 19 from 10am – 4pm where you’ll learn techniques for connecting with your inner wisdom and experience three different shamanic journeys. Throughout the day you’ll have a chance to hone your technique, deepen your connection and share your experiences with a small group of fellow journeyers. Register soon as space is limited!