Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through a series of four workshops over the course of two weekends in September and October of 2019.

“The four elements workshop was such a beautiful experience. It filled my soul in all the ways I needed it to. You have an incredible talent, energy and authenticity that you bring as a guide. Such a gift to all of us! Your space is so refreshing, really loved the physical movement and transformation that happened throughout the workshop, it definitely makes you feel like you are on a journey.” – Kenzie S.


Healing with FIRE: Awaken your passion and creativity

Fire can rapidly shift and awaken us to purpose, burning away the old and clearing space for the new. During this workshop you’ll explore four potent forces of fire, and participate in a powerful and transformative fire ceremony. Saturday Sept 28, 2019 2pm – 5pm.

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Healing with EARTH: Transform your life

Earth relates to the physical world around us and how we manifest things in our lives. Join us in the forest to learn about the energies of earth and how to work with them for healing, then create a nature mandala to help set your intentions for transforming your life. Sunday Sept 29, 2pm – 5pm

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40148027 - blue ocean wave, epic surf

Healing with WATER: Liberate and cleanse your emotions

Water represents the fluid domain of the emotions. Working with the gently flowing river and a labyrinth for walking meditation, we’ll explore how to forgive ourselves and the people closest to us to release stagnant emotions and let our waters flow clearly. Saturday Oct 5, 2pm – 5pm

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Healing with AIR: Elevate and expand your consciousness

Air corresponds to consciousness – our ideas, insights and the way we understand ourselves and our lives. Connect to your soul’s deeper purpose during this afternoon of guided meditation and visioning, to see the best and highest path awaiting you. Sunday Oct 6, 2pm – 5pm

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During each of these workshops you’ll experience the healing power of the elements in nature. Through simple ritual, guided meditation, work with archetypes and teachings, you’ll begin to access the rich metaphors and lessons that the elements hold for us.

Most of the workshops will take place in natural outdoor settings, and within Ewassa’s tipi in the forest shown below. While the workshops are designed to flow together so that you get a full understanding of all four elements, you are invited to attend any of the workshops that call to you.

The cost of each individual workshop is $50 – please follow the “Learn More” buttons to register and pay online. The cost to attend all four workshops is $175. To attend all four workshops please contact Liz to receive the $175 pricing before you register online. IMG_4576