Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through a live online course beginning in August, 2023.

“The four elements workshop was such a beautiful experience. It filled my soul in all the ways I needed it to. You have an incredible talent, energy and authenticity that you bring as a guide. Such a gift to all of us! Your space is so refreshing, really loved the physical movement and transformation that happened throughout the workshop, it definitely makes you feel like you are on a journey.” – Kenzie S.

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Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, learn what they represent, and how to work with aspects of each element for personal healing.

This course will introduce you to the archetypes and symbology of the elements based on a rich nature-based spiritual tradition from Brazil, as outlined in the book From The Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing by Liz Gómez. You’ll learn how the elements work in tandem to create the cycle of life, and begin to understand how being in balance with each element can help your life flow. Understanding the essence of the four elements will help you access the profound wisdom and language of the natural world, and better understand your own inner landscape.

The nature-based healing course related to the Four Elements will be held live online via Zoom beginning in August 2023. All classes will be recorded and additional online resources made available so that you can participate in the class even if you are unable to attend the live classes.

Four Elements Meditations

Meditate with the essences of Fire, Earth, Water and Air and learn how to work with each to refresh and strengthen your inner flow. This series includes a short meditation for each element as well as a longer meditation designed for daily practice, to help rebalance the energies of the four elements within you. These meditations are available for free as a way to begin experiencing the elements at a personal level.

Live Events in Evergreen, Colorado

If you are in Colorado, please also explore our in-person events scheduled for the summer of 2023 or reach out to schedule a private group fire ceremony, vision quest, shamanic journey or healing session!