Liz Beachy Gómez is the founder of Ewassa, a nature-based healing practice in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver, and author of From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing. 

Liz’s passion for the natural world blossomed when she discovered Brazilian Orixá-based spirituality in her early twenties. She experienced healing in ceremony, emotional transformation under the rush of the waterfalls, and deep connection to the Earth while walking barefoot in sacred forests. After several years of practice, Liz was initiated as a daughter of Iemanjá (the ocean) through the Templo Guaracy of São Paulo in 2003, and served as temple coordinator in Haiti and the Dominican Republic for seven years.

Liz is an international public health professional and energy medicine practitioner by training. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology from Kalamazoo College, and a Master of Health Sciences (MHS) degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She completed her training in Andean (Q’ero) shamanic healing practices through The Four Winds Society in 2018. 

After ten years overseas in West Africa, the Caribbean and Central America, Liz returned to the U.S. to raise her children while juggling a demanding career. A health crisis eventually spurred her to renounce her career in 2017 and return to nature in search of healing. The nature-based framework she teaches today was born of her own healing journey, her love for the Brazilian Orixás, and her energy medicine work with clients and groups.

Liz is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and can offer interviews, ceremonies or workshops in any of these languages. Should you wish to schedule an interview, we have a full media kit available on request.