We are happy to share that the new book by Liz Gómez, From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing, is now live on Amazon! 

In response to the sense of imbalance and disconnection felt by so many in modern society, the book invites us to rekindle our relationship with the natural world for inner healing, reconnection, and self-acceptance. 

Explore a Brazilian elemental framework for understanding nature’s wisdom and guidance, along with practical exercises and healing rituals to be done at the river, by the fire, in ocean waves, near the forest, or even on the wind. Discover how the cycles of nature are already at play within you, and learn to harness them for a more healthy and vibrant life.


Continue reading below for book excerpts from various chapters, and endorsements from other published authors.

Book Endorsements

“Despite the many pressures of colonialism and cultural amnesia, Earth-loving peoples around the world continue to live from a deep knowing that we are made of the elements, the ancestors, the land, and the mysteries. This offering by Liz Gómez makes a valuable contribution to this essential remembering by drawing on traditional Yoruba and Afro-Brazilian wisdoms as well as her own rich life experience and training. Highly recommended!”  

~ Daniel Foor, Ph.D., author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing

“This book profoundly and joyfully invites the reader on a journey to understand the language of nature and build your own intimate relationship with the natural world. This is a book to savor and enjoy as one engages in beautiful practices and exercises. A must-read for those who are missing a connection to nature or who want to explore their own more deeply.”

~ Karen Johnson, author of Silver Nautilus award-winning book Living Grieving: Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss

From the Depths of Creation offers techniques for becoming more attentive to the elements of earth, air, fire, and water we encounter every day. With clear guidance and depth of experience, Liz Gómez shows how elemental forces can be allies in reconnecting the “outer” worlds we share with the “inner” healing and wisdom we may seek.”

~ Gavin Van Horn, Executive Editor, Center for Humans and Nature Press Books

Book Excerpts

“We each have our own exquisitely unique composition. Perhaps yours is like the flickering fire, the starry night, the meandering stream, or the tree that takes root in a crack in the rocks and grows against all odds. You may be like the fire within water that gives movement to the currents. Or the stone that sits alone in a clearing, bringing strength and balance.

Whatever your resonance, know that you are magnificent in your uniqueness. You live, move, and process your experiences according to your own nature, in your own way– just like the rest of the natural world.” 

“Structured like the cycle of life itself, this book moves progressively through the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Within each element you will find four different manifestations in nature, corresponding spiritual qualities, and associated archetypes. 

For example, rain calls us to forgive with the wisdom of a grandmother. Stone brings a sense of balance and justice, urging us to examine the solidity of our goals and projects before we bring them into physical form. Wind is like a warrioress, churning up the air to expand our awareness.

In these pages you’ll learn to interpret the wisdom of nature in the clouds, waves, mud, mist, rainbows and more. You will find tools for working with these expressions of nature to heal or rebalance specific aspects of yourself.”

“The spark is the energy that begins the cycle of life. It is the spark of creation–the point of origination where creativity and life begin. At a spiritual level it carries the power of possibility. It’s as if all the infinite potential of the universe is compressed and contained in the darkness, and one tiny flash of light gives us a glimpse into the threads of possibility.”

“The spiritual essence of the forest relates to the idea of seeking, hunting, tracking or pursuing that which is meant for us. It encompasses the idea of action rooted in purposeful instinct.”

Rain. “No matter what age we are, forgiveness is one of the most powerful acts we are capable of. Letting go of painful memories, grudges, and old stories, frees us from the past so we can embrace a new and more positive future. When pain, regret, anger or resentment drop away through forgiveness, they open space for greater love to flow both from us and to us.”

“The salty waters of the ocean hold the origins of life and carry the energy of fertility. Like the archetype of the great mother, the ocean welcomes us, rocks us on her waves, washes away our sorrows, and offers us a path of rebirth.”

“The cycle of life completes its circle in the expansive blue sky, illuminated by the warmth and light of the sun. This energy brings peace, calm, hope, and a sense of connection to something much larger than our own lives.”

“When we come together in outdoor ceremony with open hearts, something magical happens. We connect with forces greater than us. The sun, the rains, the wind, or the waves seem to collaborate with our intentions and amplify our energy.”

“The natural world benevolently embraces all who show it care and respect. The rivers, forests and meadows love to hear our laughter. The birds, butterflies and flowers appreciate our admiration. The fire gladly transforms our pain, while the ocean blithely supports our rebirth.”

May your fire burn brightly and show you the way. 

May the earth be soft and fertile beneath your feet.

May your water flow freely and quench your thirst.

May the winds lift you through the air to the place beyond time.

And may the rays of the sun warm your heart and illuminate your soul.

~ Liz Beachy Gomez, From the Depths of Creation