One morning this past summer I had a migraine so intense I could barely stand up without being sick. After hours of nausea and my head feeling it was about to explode I was so desperate that I found a blanket and dragged myself outside to the lawn in front of my house. I laid down flat on my back on the ground and covered up with the blanket, shivering.

Within 30 minutes my migraine was gone, reduced to a slight, barely perceptible headache. It felt like a miracle.

What Is Grounding?

Apparently the result I experienced wasn’t a miracle – it was simply a natural process of grounding or “earthing” that happens when we touch the earth directly.

This process helps reduce pain and keep our bodies in balance, and has been validated in more than 20 scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. See the video below for a more in-depth explanation of how it works.


How to Take Advantage of Grounding?

When walking in the forest I usually remove my shoes. The forest floor is surprisingly soft and welcoming if you avoid the pine cones. If it has recently rained the ground feels almost like a carpet and the pine needles are soft. If it’s dry it may feel slightly more prickly but not uncomfortable.

I can feel a difference in how relaxed I am after a forest walk if I’ve had my shoes on or off. When walking barefoot, I feel much more relaxed and lighter – and more connected to the forest. A walk in shoes is also wonderful but it’s almost as if a layer of distance still remains between myself and the forest.

Next time you’re out in nature, a park or even just in your backyard, try removing your shoes and feeling your feet connecting with the earth. Doing this daily, even for 5-10 minutes can make a significant difference in your overall mood and give your health a palpable boost. The best thing? It doesn’t cost a thing and anyone can do it!