Shamanic Healing in the Denver Area

Liz Gómez of Ewassa offers shamanic healing sessions in the foothills (near Evergreen and Conifer) and in metro Denver, as well as by phone. A certified shamanic practitioner trained in Andean shamanic healing techniques through the Four Winds Society, Liz can help you release old patterns and emotional imprints and support you in finding deeper meaning in your life.

Shamanic Healing Services

The shamanic energy medicine services we offer include:

  • Releasing emotional imprints from past traumas, loss, abandonment, depression, anxiety, etc, so that you can shift old patterns and step into a new way of being
  • Removing dense energies that interrupt the flow of life force energy throughout your body and can lead to illness
  • Healing family wounds and generational patterns
  • Relationship cord-cutting to eliminate unhealthy relationship ties that drain your energy
  • Entity extraction to remove intrusive souls and help them transition to the light
  • Soul retrieval to help integrate lost parts of self and move toward wholeness
  • Destiny retrieval to map a new path forward in life where you know and use your unique gifts for the greater good and live in harmony with your deepest calling

Learn more about shamanic healing and our pricing or reach out to schedule a session with us.

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We also invite you to explore the nature-based events we offer at Ewassa – full moon fire ceremonies, shamanic journeys, emotional cleansing rituals at the river and more!

Client Testimonies

“I wholeheartedly recommend Liz’s services! She has conducted several healing sessions for me. Each time, I could not believe how knowledgeable, connected and caring she was in her work. She helped heal a very deep wound in my ancestral line and I was able to connect with my family in ways I have never been able to before. She truly is a gifted healer.” – Stephanie S.R.


“Liz is one of the best shamans I have worked with and I really recommend her as a highly skilled healer. The way she works is very intuitive, full of wisdom and love.”

– Michael B.


“Liz’s integrity, quality of touch, visual acuity, sense of humor, empathic qualities, gentleness, ability to keep her perspective and balance as changes occur in the healing session are comforting and soothing. She has an amazing ability to feel the qualities of Love that occur in the energy medicine sessions.” – Susan

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