Forest Therapy is the practice of awakening all of the senses to bring us into intimate relationship with the world of the forest. A series of guided invitations help us deeply experience the present moment and open the doors of communication with the landscapes we explore. We encounter not just the forest, but through the many mirrors of nature, we also encounter ourselves.

The practice of Shinrin-Yoku (which translates literally as “Forest Bathing”) originated in Japan, where its benefits have been widely studied. Forest bathing or forest therapy offers a ranging of healing effects that have been well-documented, including:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced blood cortisol levels
  • Increases in counts of cells that fight disease
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress

The trees in the forest emit a class of chemicals called phytoncides, essential oils found in  conifer and pine trees. Learn more about Shinrin-Yoku in the video below.

Forest Therapy Outings with Ewassa

We spend around two and a half hours along a trail which spans roughly a mile (spanning both Ewassa property and a quiet Denver Mountain Park), awakening all of our senses to deeply experience the forest.

During the forest immersion experience we incorporate guided exercises to help breathe in the aromatic scents of the forest, acutely observe the abundant life in the forest, and reflect on lessons for our own lives reflected in nature. We also offer Art in the Forest sessions that offer similar benefits but are geared toward groups of all ages and are family friendly. Please see our Events page for any upcoming events.

Please contact Liz for more information or to schedule an individual or small group session.

Liz Gómez is a member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Professionals.