This energy of nature relates to the flow of time, the passing of the seasons, the progression through life from newborn to adult to elder.

In our physical world everything is bound together by the same law of nature’s time. We all experience the rising and setting of the sun each day, the cycles of the moon, the solstices and equinoxes and the way that they mark our time together here.

One of the lessons of this quality of nature is to live in harmony with the constant passing of time in our lives. To not resist the passing of the hours in our busy days or lament the passing of the years as we grow old. It is an unchangeable law of nature.

Another lesson in this quality of nature is to understand the right timing of all things, as well as our own inner timing. When is the right time to take action? When is it best to wait?

In Brazil this Orixá is called Tempo.