There is a space or energy that exists beyond linear time as we know it, where past, present and future flow together, intermixed.

This quality reflects the deeper consciousness of the soul that exists beyond the constraints of our physical world. In a way it is the place or dimension where prophets, clairvoyants and shamans “travel” to gain insights that can help guide us. We may sometimes visit this space in our dreams.

The archetypes associated with this energy of nature are the clairvoyant, the gypsy who lives freely unbound by place or time, and the oracles that provide wisdom and guidance for the future.

The lessons this energy of nature brings include an awareness of where we are within ourselves, strong intuition, perception and wisdom. This energy helps us go straight to the core of what we need, no more and no less. Working deeply with this energy we can experience an expansiveness of the soul that can best be described as freedom.

This Orixá is called Ifá in Brazil and Orunmila in Cuba.