We need all the support we can get with COVID-19. Wherever you’re at with it – feeling the economic fallout, worried about getting sick, concerned about loved ones, or struggling with symptoms – there are resources here for you.

Below you’ll find three resources: A guided meditation to help boost your immune response, a grounding technique to help relax if you’re feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, and a healing journey for people who are already showing symptoms of the virus.

Also check out this list of supplements and other immune supports that can help boost your immune system, with recommendations for each different stage of infection.

All of these resources are free. Please feel free to share them with anyone you know who might benefit from them.

1. Meditation to Strengthen Your Immune Response

This guided meditation is designed to reaffirm the strength of your entire body – from your cells to your lungs to your immune system. Our emotional state can affect our physical health, so feeling confident that you are strong and your body can defend itself is important. 

If you’d like to repeat this meditation here is an audio file of just the meditation itself (no intro).


2. Earth Anchoring Exercise for Deep Relaxation

This technique known as “decoupling” in shamanic energy medicine circles is designed to de-activate the fight-or-flight response that can take over when we feel anxious. I like to think of this exercise as earth-anchoring, as it reconnects us with the rhythm of the earth and quiets the monkey mind.

If you have trouble sleeping, you can listen to this audio recording in bed. You will likely fall asleep more quickly and then rest more deeply during the night.


3. Healing Journey for People with COVID-19 Symptoms

This healing journey takes you to the domain of spirit where you visualize yourself entering a soul rejuvenation chamber where benevolent guides can help remove imprints of the virus. Please be sure to seek medical care if you have difficulties breathing or other symptoms of COVID-19.

If you are currently having mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms I recommend repeating this journey every few days. The energies you remove will likely shift each time depending on the progress of the virus. You may use the audio file below to repeat the journey. 

For more resources check out this list of COVID-19 Healing Tips with supplements and strategies to boost your immune system and help recover if you get sick.

Please also see the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center for more resources and science-based recommendations.