There are several guiding beliefs or principles that inform how we work with nature and the four elements:

  1. God is the creator of our natural world and God’s essence is love.
  2. Every part of nature (plants, animals, river, ocean, humans, earth, mountains, etc) has a vibrant energy or life force that flows through it that is imbued with God’s essence. We call this life force ashé.
  3. We are deeply committed to the preservation of life and maintaining or strengthening the flow of ashé through all living things.
  4. Ashé can be transmitted from nature to people and boost our own ashé when we are feeling depleted or down. Similarly when we conduct rituals with love and positive intentions, we can strengthen or feed the ashé found in nature.
  5. Life’s unexpected twists and turns and challenges appear for the purpose of helping us learn, grow and evolve.
  6. The more we resist life’s challenges, the more we experience pain. When we relax into nature and let its ashé flow through us, it can help us embrace the wisdom and lessen our pain.
  7. We each have tremendous capacity to change our physical, emotional and psychological experience and patterns. Healing is accessible to everyone.
  8. The four elements and associated Orixás are powerful energies of nature that correspond to different qualities and aspects of life. Working with them can help us heal, find balance and improve our lives.
  9. We hold great compassion for all people, and believe that each one of us is simply doing the best we know how in life. We are committed to creating a caring and accepting environment for each person who feels drawn to participate in Ewassa events.