Registration is now open for our new in-depth nature-based healing course based on the upcoming book From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing by Liz Beachy Gómez.

Learn how Fire, Earth, Water and Air flow together to create the cycle of life and the energetic foundations for our physical world. Discover the rich archetypes, spiritual qualities and manifestations in nature associated with each element, and how to work with them for personal and collective healing.

This is an excellent course for anyone wishing to profoundly deepen their relationship with nature and explore the landscape of their soul. It is also recommended for therapists or healers of all backgrounds who seek to expand their repertoire of healing methodologies. 

The course will run from August 14 through December 11, 2023. Live sessions will be held via Zoom on Monday evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm Mountain Time and recorded for anyone to watch later if they can’t attend the live class. The course also includes pre-recorded journeys, lessons and exercises to do on your own in nature each week, to deepen your personal relationship with the elemental forces and the natural world where you live.