We are thrilled to announce the addition of our newest Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner, Dr. Karen Corsi! Karen has joined Ewassa to help us respond to the increasing demand for energy medicine healing services in the Denver metro area. Karen is available to see clients both in person and remotely by phone.

Karen and Liz Gomez (founder of Ewassa) share a special kinship with a remarkable number of things in common. They both consider the Dominican Republic as their second home (Liz lived in Santo Domingo for 4+ years and Karen was a Peace Corps volunteer there) and they continue to travel to the island frequently. Stay tuned – once COVID wanes and travel becomes easier they plan to host trainings and women’s retreats on the beaches of the Dominican Republic!

Both Liz and Karen also began their careers in the field of public health and received degrees at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, studying with the same professors and focusing on HIV/AIDS. They both conducted research in the public health field in Dominican Republic, working with many of the same colleagues but at different times.

Surprisingly, these two kindred spirits didn’t actually meet until Karen reached out to Liz a few years ago for a shamanic energy medicine healing session. Over the course of several months Liz worked with Karen to help her release energetic challenges from the past and performed soul retrievals and a destiny retrieval for her. This transformational process confirmed what Karen had suspected, that she was being called to become a healer herself. Karen then completed her training and apprenticeship through the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society to become a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner herself, the same program that trained and certified Liz.

Perhaps the most important thing that Liz and Karen share is their deep commitment to helping people along their path of soul growth and transformation. By following the healing path of the medicine wheel, their work helps clients release limiting stories and beliefs from the past, shed energetic imprints of pain and trauma, clear their energy field of old patterns, and move toward wholeness through soul retrieval. The final direction of the medicine wheel involves stepping into one’s destiny by embracing your unique gifts and bringing them fully into fruition to be of service to the world.

Karen is pleased to be following her deepest calling and offering her healing gifts in this way. In addition to practicing shamanic energy medicine for adults, Karen also specializes in working with adolescents and young adults. Additionally if you are looking for support for a beloved pet, Karen can clear dense or negative energies from animals to optimize their health. Please join us in welcoming Karen to the Ewassa community!

If you are interested in scheduling a shamanic energy medicine session with Karen or Liz please contact us.