Fall Release Rituals

Autumn has announced itself with the changing of colors, shedding of leaves, and even snow in Evergreen earlier this week.

As the leaves drop and the sap retreats into the roots, something within us shifts too. It’s time to let go, rest, turn inward, and find peace. Our peacefulness will nurture what’s meant to come to life in the spring.

What are you ready to release? What can you shed, as the trees and bushes shed their leaves?

Releasing doesn’t need to be difficult, it can be graceful and effortless and natural like the leaves falling to the ground. If you have heavier things to release you can call in the transformative power of the fire, and burn representations of what you’re ready to let go of.

This time of year we recommend taking long walks in the park or forest, contemplating the falling leaves. And warming yourself by the fire, letting it burn away what you no longer need to carry.

One powerful way to release the past is to simply write down what you’re ready to be done with, and then burn the paper. Or write down the roles you’re tired of playing, that bind or confine you, and burn those. Then sit with the fire and watch until it consumes the paper and all the wood or fuel you’ve provided, and burns out completely.

The ashes from what you’ve burned away turn into mulch and prepare the fertile earth for what’s to come, in the same way that the fallen leaves mulch the ground for new life.

Wishing you many blessings this fall as you release your past and retreat within.

The Four Elements

All of life and all of nature is comprised of some unique combination of fire, earth, water and air. A tiny seed germinates and bursts forth, pushed by the fire within it. It grows from the rich earth, nourished by water and sunlight and the air around it, and becomes part of the rich kaleidoscope of earth’s flora. Depending on what type of seed it is, the plant may carry more or less water and air.

The four elements are thus interwoven, forming and feeding the cycle of life. When we work intentionally with the four elements, we step into an ancient awareness of our world and access new language and tools for healing.

As explained by a vibrant Brazilian spiritual tradition rooted in indigenous Guaraní and West African belief systems:

  • Fire corresponds to the passion, creativity, and movement that propels us through life and helps us bring our unique dreams and gifts to the world.
  • Earth is the domain of physical form, where everything manifests according to the laws of physics and the continual cycles of life and death.
  • Water represents our emotions – free flowing like the river or vast as the ocean – that lead to our relationships meandering or flourishing.
  • Air is our consciousness, the space of ideas and understanding, where we can ultimately find illumination.

The cycle of life begins in fire with the spark, and runs its course through the energies of earth, water, and air, moving to the next level as we expand our consciousness. For example an idea occurs to us (the spark) which we feed with continued reflection and planning (fire) and then bring it into being (earth), work through the emotions that arise as part of its manifestation (water) and finally gain new insights and understanding (air). Then the cycle starts anew, from a higher place of awareness.

As we move through this cycle many of us find ourselves getting stuck in one or more aspects of fire, earth, water or air – creating blockages that can manifest in our relationships, health, work or other domains of life.

Healing comes when we are in balance with the four elements and the flow of life. When we let the fire of creativity flow effortlessly through us, happily do the mundane daily work of the physical world, allow our emotions to find natural expression, and seek to continually expand our understanding or consciousness, life manifests positively around us.

We work with four energies in each of fire, earth, water and air, to bring awareness to the areas where we’re stuck, and shift or release old patterns. Each of the sixteen total energies of the life cycle play an important role in our reflection and healing.

Four Elements Workshops

To experience the healing power of the four elements firsthand, join us for four elements workshops this fall. You can attend any or all of the events that call to you: