Shamanic energy medicine offers a path of rapid transformation to help you shed old patterns and emotional imprints, and step into your highest calling.

We work at the level of the luminous energy field and the soul, and thus can effectively hold sessions remotely or in person. The shamanic services we offer include:

  • Releasing emotional imprints from past traumas, loss, abandonment, depression, anxiety, etc, so that you can shift old patterns and step into a new way of being
  • Removing dense energies that interrupt the flow of life force energy throughout your body
  • Healing family wounds and generational patterns so that you can live more freely
  • Cord-cutting to eliminate energetic ties that drain your energy
  • Soul retrievals to help integrate lost parts of self and bring wholeness and healing
  • Destiny retrievals to map a new path forward in life where you know and use your unique gifts for the greater good and live in harmony with your deepest calling

Please contact Elizabeth to learn more or schedule a shamanic energy medicine session.