Explore the four fundamental organizing principles of our world – fire, earth, water and air – and how they are present in your life. Then work closely with the four elements to restore your balance and improve your health and vitality.

The elements each have their physical manifestation, associated archetypes, and energies that relate to different aspects of our lives. For example:

  • Fire relates to the spark of new ideas, the flow of vitality and creativity, and the capacity to focus our energy and transform our lives. It encompasses the archetypes of the guardian who can open the way or block your path, and the king who imparts justice.
  • Earth represents the physical world and our way of being it, our state of physical health and relationship to others. Earth archetypes include the healer who understands the source of illness and imbalance, the seeker or hunter who pursues his objective but only takes what he needs, and the wise elders who hold great compassion for our earthly suffering.
  • Water is the realm of the emotions, tenderness, nurturing and fertility. Our waters can flow freely, cleanly and effortlessly or they can become muddied or stagnant. Here we find the archetypes of the loving mother, the nurturing grandmother, and the goddess of love.
  • Air is our consciousness, our ideas, the way we understand ourselves – our past, our present, our future, and our soul. As the winds blow through us they shift our ideas and bring us new insights and wisdom. The archetypes of air include the gypsy who lives purely through the heart, the clairvoyant who sees beyond time, and the sage.

When the four elements are balanced, they help us maintain a state of peaceful movement.

When out of balance, the elements can manifest as the destructive forces of extreme weather: Large fires, earthquakes, floods or tornadoes. These extreme events, both in our outer world and our inner world, can upend our lives and violently shake things loose, forcing us to face a painful loss, or leaving us submerged in the swirling waters of our emotions.

Understanding the root cause of these imbalances can help you navigate through them and work intentionally with the corresponding elements to bring you back into balance.

Throughout the workshops we help you understand your relationship to each element, where it may be weak or blocked and how that blockage in turn affects the events or relationships in your life. We use healing rituals, guided meditation, journalling, song, dance, healing herbs and flowers, understanding of the archetypes and interaction with the physical elements to help bring you into balance.

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