We offer workshops and events throughout the year to help deepen and guide your healing journey. Upcoming events for 2019 can be found below.


Intro to Shamanic Energy Medicine – Sunday Aug 4, 3pm – 5pm

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient healing practice that can clear emotional imprints and trauma, allowing for a rapid release of heavy emotions and transformation of old behavioral and thought patterns. Learn about the guiding principles and philosophy behind energy medicine during this afternoon workshop held at Namasté Healing & Wellness in Evergreen. Learn more or register here.


Gathering at the River – Saturday August 31, 9am – 10:30am

Join us the morning of the full moon on Saturday August 31 for a sweet ritual at the river to cleanse/release emotions that might be weighing you down and replace them with uplifting prayers and intentions. Learn more and register.


Intro to Healing with the Four Elements – Sun Sept 8, 3pm – 5:30pm

Learn how working with the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air can help you find balance and healing in your life. Discover the spiritual qualities and archetypes associated with the four elements and deepen your understanding of the rich metaphors and wisdom found in nature. This is a great workshop for healers to help ground the work you already do in the universal power of the elements. Workshop at Namasté Healing & Wellness in Evergreen. Learn more or register.



Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Saturday September 14, 7pm – 8:30pm

Join us for a full moon fire ceremony for women. Receive the rite of the womb to cleanse and purify your uterus and the pain you may unconsciously store there, and strengthen your capacity to create what you desire. This celebration will be held in our tipi in the forest where we can appreciate the light and energy of the full moon. Learn more and register here.


Access Your Deep Inner Wisdom through Shamanic Journeying – Sunday September 29, 10am – 4:30pm

This experiential workshop is designed to help you learn how to journey for deep guidance and inspiration. You’ll experience five different journeys throughout the day and take home notes with guidance and journeys you can repeat on your own. Back by popular demand, this workshop has limited space and sells out quickly so please register soon if you are called to participate. Learn more and register here.



Four Elements Workshop Series

Explore the healing energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through a workshop series that includes simple ritual, guided meditation, work with powerful archetypes and teachings based on a rich spiritual tradition from Brazil. Delving deeply into the four elements will help you understand the rich and profound language of nature, and access the wisdom that surrounds us in the natural world. This workshop series will be made available online late in 2019. Sign up to receive an email notification when the four elements series is released.

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